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1920s When Hats Were Fashionable

I found this late 1920s Brown's Hat catalog and just have to share it with you.
This was the time when ladies took pride in how they looked when they left the house. I think they look so great in these hats. And look at those prices!!! I would just love to go back in time for one day and witness these women in these hats! I have pictures of my mother in a hat like these. 
 I'm going to discribe each of these hats each row  from left to right starting with the back row. 
(1)A practical felt which is unusually becoming because the brim can be adjusted to suit any type of face.  Felt ornament in harmonizing color Price $2.45.
(2) An attractive and poppular cloche of polished felt with smart band and bow of silk grosgrain ribbon. Black, oakwood, gray, sand, almond, red, Copen, white Price 2.45
(3) Nickel buckles and felt strips in harmonizing shades trim this pretty hat of strip felt. Crown is slightly bell-shaped and brim rolls just enough to be correct.  Sand, Copen, red, or oakwood. Price 1/45
(4 sec. row.)Delightful hat for young girls and others who wear small, close hats. well. Made of polished felt with band of narrow silk grosgrain. Fold at back of crown. Price $2.45
(5) A charming hat of polished felt has a most becoming rolled brim. Fan cocarde, band and binding of silk grosgrain. Price $2.95
(6) Talilored felt suggesting the favored tri-corn. Silk grosgrain band and large nickel buckle. Price $2.95
(7) Suede-like coth fashions this chummy little poke. Embroidered with metal ribbonzene. Fluted brim which cuts off at the back.  Price $1.95
(8) Three military loops and band of silk grosgrain trim this chic hat of fine felt. Drooping brim rolls slightly at edge. Price $2.75

From top to bottom left side 1st. (9) Silk crepe with long sash detects a younger girls hat. (10) A smart "off the face" hat Made of silk velvet with "melon" crown.
(11 top right) A fluted cacarde and pipings of gilded braid.mad of Vilo cloth high crown,and poke brim.
(12 middle right) chenille and ribbonzene embroidery  suede hat. droop brim. (13 bottom right) Plush poppies and ribbonzen in harmonizing shades trim. med. droop made of silk velvet with corded brim.
Below are some other hats from the same catalog all made of the same fabrics as mentioned above. I hope you enjoy this little bit of history as much as I do. The women looked so elegant and fashionable. I look around me today and there are so many women that just don't take care of themselves or care what they look like when they go out in public and it kind of makes me long for the days of these pictures. I know styles change but neatness shouldn't ! Think about how you look the next time you go out in public. Take a look in the mirror and see what other people will see.

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