lunes, 9 de marzo de 2009

How to Make Do Like they Did in the 1930's

I was raised on a Farm and my parents were married in 1934. They were very frugal and taught me to be. We didn't do without anything we needed but yes somethings that we didn't need. I am very thankful for this and I taught my kids to do the same. With times like we are having now we know how to do without some things. My Mom taught me to do things for my self and make things with stuff we had. It helped me be creative and I get such a sense of accomplishment when I do get it made. She taught me that "you can do anything" if you try and need to. If we liked a food that was expensive to buy we planted it, canned it,dried it and it actually tasted fresher and better than from the store. If we needed a costume for a school event, we made it! If you have been laid off, keep looking for a job but don't just sit and feel sorry for yourself and do nothing. Sit down and acess what you have, what you "really need" and how to get it. If you can make it, do it! If someone is good at something you are not, trade work with them. If you know someone that sews well and you can cook well why not trade work with them. If you hate to clean house see if someone that likes to clean house will trade for something you do well. You will be surprised at the amount of people that are willing to do this. It will make you appreciate the person and you won't have to pay out extra money. I know in this day and age this isn't what we think to do, but the whole country really needs a new different mind set. Go to the library and read some books about getting through the '30s and see what they did. There are all kinds of recipes from that era that don't take expensive ingredients but the food was wonderful. Be resourceful and think of things differently. It is the only way we will get through this tough economical period. We can do it. In the next few days I will be sharing some recipes that take simple staples that you probablly have in your cupboard.
Here is the first one:
One Dish Meal:
3 cups ground raw potatoes(may use food processor to chop all the veg)
1 c ground raw carrots
2 small onions ground
1 T chopped parsley(optional)
1/2 lb hamburger
1 cup milk
1/2 t pepper
1 tsp salt
Mix all ingredients thoroughly and place in a cassarole pan or loaf pan and place 1/4 cup buttered bread crumbs on top. (Drizzle butter or margarine over crumbs and toss)A great way to use the crusts of bread that you have allowed to dry in a paper sack. see note below.
Bake 1 hour(or to hurry it up put in microwave for 15 min then into the oven for 25-30 or until meat is done. This will help brown it alittle
NOTE: Never throw away dry bread! that is how people got through the depression, by not wasting things)We throw away WAY too many things now days. Why buy bread crumbs when we have thown away more than we can use!!

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