lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2007

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

It is now winter and boy does dry air take a toll on our facial skin. This is the time of year that all those little fine lines show up. Pretty soon they aren't just "Fine Lines" but deep wrinkles. You don't have to be considered old to have these. Frown lines, laugh lines etc. just plain dry skin that is flaky. Women, makeup doesn't smooth out nicely? You need a deep non greasy non pore clogging moisturizer. Young women, now is the time to begin thinking about wrinkles before you get them! Stay young and healthy looking. Always cleanse your face before going to bed no matter HOW TIRED you are! My mother taught me this and would get me up out of bed if I didn't wash my face and brush my teeth to do so. Now I thank her, which at the time I wasn't too happy about it. I have developed a Facial Night Treatment that is light to the touch but heavy duty on the working end. This doesn't have Shea or soy in it so those of you that are allergic to these thing this is the treatment you need! You will notice the reduction of dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles in just days. For a full description go to my store and read more. It is in the Lotion section listed as Facial Treatment.
And don't forget the neck! Have you ever noticed that some peoples faces look pretty good then you look down a little further and the neck is wrinkled? Always treat your neck as if it were part of your face and it too will look as great as your face.
Until next time have a happy healthy day and God Bless all who read this.

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