domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2007

Hair Conditioners

Have you ever used hair conditioners that relax your hair so much that you get a big fist full of hair that has fallen out??? I have always needed conditioner to make my hair managable but hated it when my hair comes out in my hand while rinsing it and combing it afterwards. True a normal amount of hair loss is normal but this is WAY too much!!
I have developed a conditioner that manages but doesn't relax hair to this point. Emu Oil with it's penetrating properties goes inside the hair shaft where conditioning is needed not just on the outside to make the hair slick. Thus your hair comes out looking clean, soft, silky but not coated like with other conditioners that actually collect dirt. I have noticed alot of difference in my hair being healthier looking and staying nicer between washings. Washing your hair too much can dry out and damage your hair shafts. This conditioner also is good for the scalp since it doesn't leave a film on your hair or skin. Many tell me it promotes hair growth. I can't say that it does at this point as I have not had the time to test it for this claim. Please check it out in my ebay store and see if you would like to give it a try. All my stuff is guaranteed.

Until next time have a happy healthy life and God Bless all who read this!

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