domingo, 20 de enero de 2008

Is Lye Soap Harsh?

Many people have the misconception that Lye is harsh so thus Lye Soap is Harsh. If the lye soap is made correctly it is milder to the skin than the cleansers you buy in the store. Most bars that you buy in stores are not really soap at all but cleansers. To be soap it has to go through the soapitification process. With just the right amount of Lye, Fat at the exact corroect temperature soapitification takes place. This is a chemical reaction that turns it all into glycerin. Real soap is very high in this glycerin. There is no longer lye in the bar but mild glycerin. This is the purest of all soaps. Making soap is a science and the ingredients must me weighed and measured very carefully. If you have too much lye it will be harsh. To much fat and it will be greasy and won't clean. I make all my Nichols Soap N Stuff soaps with this process and in small batches to assure high quality products. There is no danger of it not getting mixed properly and parts being harsh. I cure my soaps for one month to assure a mild wonderful soap. Remember you have to know what you are doing. Many people say "I can make my own" but until you study and know all the ins' and outs of soapmaking you can get a harsh batch that may burn your skin. It also will cost you more to make your own than letting an experienced soap maker make it. I've been making soap for 6 years now and have never had a harsh batch.
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