domingo, 8 de abril de 2007

Hair Care

To keep you hair in good condition, handle it gently and carefully. Brushing, combing and drying should not be done roughly or excessively. The old wives tale of 100 strokes each night simply pulls hair out at the roots. Long hair may look unhealthy and have split ends simply because the free ends or the long hair are older . Also hair that grows while you are ill is likely to be of poor quality. When you recover the condition of the new hair should improve. Washing your hair with a moisturizing conditioning shampoo will help maintain healthy looking hair. Those suffering from dandruff may use lye soap first and then this shampoo after to condition the hair! other wise:
One application of shampoo should be enough. You should use warm rather than hot water, wet your hair completely, apply the shampoo, and massage gently but thoroughly. If your hair is very oily, do not massage too much, and this encourages oil production. Rinse with cool, clean water. Wrap ou dripping hair in a towel, then wait a few minutes and remove the towel and comb your hair out gently with a WIDE toothed comb. Never rub the towel on the hair. This takes all the natural oils out and results in damaged split hair. Squeeze with towel and let air dry as much as possible. Use conditioners especially designed for heat treatments if you use a dryer. Hand held or hood dryers are unlikely to damage hair if you use them properly, Heated rollers or curling iron should not be used too hot or too often.
Emu Oil has been said to promote hair growth. I have a friend that was bald. She had several laser treatments and uses Emu oil on her scalp daily and her hair is coming in by leaps and bounds!!
Happy Easter to all of you. CHRIST IS ALIVE!!

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