jueves, 12 de abril de 2007

Nail Problems

One of the first things a Dr. does is look at your fingernails and or toe nails. Nail discoloring and deformed nails can point to many areas of poor health of the body. I will discuss a few here and some things that should be done. Psoriasis, lichen planus and chronic paronychia can cause the trimmed end of the nail to separate from the underlying skin. Bacteria entering this space may make the nail turn blackish-green. Iron deiciency anemia can make nails spoonshaped. Lung cancer and congenital heart disease can cause clubbing, or knobby enlarged ends of the fingers and toes The nails may grow around these ends. After any illness temporary poor nail growth may cause a crosswise groove to appear in you nails. It usually grows out and disappears.
Discoloration of the nail is caused by various illnesses. The nail bed appears pale in anemia, and white in chronic liver disease. Small, black, splinterlike areas appear under the nails in infections of the heart valves, in systemic lupus erythematosus and dermatomyositis. An injury to the nail or a vitamin or mineral deficiency can cause one or more small white patches to appear in the nail and move out with the nail as it grows. So don't ignore poor nails! If you can't get it cleared up by yourself see your Doctor. It could be an sign of an underlying health problem!
What should be done??
Tests have been done and show noticable improvement of the nail health. Nichols Soap N Stuff Dead Sea Salt http://cgi.ebay.com/Dead-Sea-Salt-Bath-for-Relaxing-or-Psoriasis-Suffers_W0QQitemZ220095469426QQihZ012QQcategoryZ31822QQcmdZViewItem is great to use. You don't use it in the bath or water for this treatment. You keep it in a plastic(with lid) container and work the salts with your hands about 5 or 10 min. a day. Just massage and knead it and rub around nails and on the whole hand. This makes your whole hands feel soooo good! It also helps relieve pain of the joints in the hands. Just put the lid on and store. It can be used over and over. Dead Sea Salt has 33 minerals and with the small amount of Emu Oil added these minerals are taken into the hand and around the nails. Also Anti fungal foot spray is good for feet and hands. Just spray on and air dry. It has tea tree in it which is an antiseptic. Leaves hands and feet feeling refreshed. I do this at the end of a hard day or when ever my feet and hands feel fatigued. http://cgi.ebay.com/Anti-Fungal-Foot-Spray-with-Tea-Tree-and-Emu-Oil_W0QQitemZ220002696061QQihZ012QQcategoryZ108690QQcmdZViewItem
Proper Nail Care:
1. Protect your hands from prolonged immersion in water, especially soapy water(wear gloves)
2. Keep nails short to prevent them from getting splits, which tend to trap dirt.
3 Trim you nails regularly with scissors, special nail clippers or a diamond chip file.
4 Either leave cuticles alone, or push them down with a cuticle stick or the thumbnail or the opposite hand.
5. If You use nail polish touch up chips with polish inbetween whole applications. DO NOT USE nail polish remover more than 1 time a week!! Nail polish remover makes nails week and brittle!
Have a Healthy Happy Day!
God Bless everyone that reads this!

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