lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Art, Art Art

I have loved living in Nashville the last year. I have met some really good people. I've gotten involved in a church and also in the art community. I'm now a member of the Teneesee Art League which I am going to help teach printmaking this summer  for a few days to kids age 7-12. It will be just basic block cuts but I love to introduce art to children. They can express themselves so well in art. I will have links on my new website to the schedule of events going on. I've started painting again as well as doing some personalized graphic artwork. Please take a look at my new site as see what I've been doing. Maybe I'll see you at an art show or at a festival selling lotions. My schedule for that is on my website. Til next time have a blessed day. Art is good for the mind body and soul!

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