miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

Psoriasis Suffers Don't Hide Any More

Recently I heard that Lea Ann Rimes has had Psoriasis all her life. She has a website telling of the condition. I'm sure alot of you can't afford the same treatments that she can afford. This brings me to share with you the testimonies of alot of my customers that would wear long sleeved shirts and long pants because they are too embarrassed to show their skin. Well there is no reason to hide any more! Dead Sea Salt Acne Bar, and Dead Sea Salt body scrub that I have in my store and on my website has been amazing in helping these people. They call and write to me and tell me that this is the only thing that has helped them. Several use this in combination with my unscented lotion and are amazed at the results. I tell you this not to just encourage you to buy but as a favor to those that suffer from this condition. I have seen these people before and after and they are so much happier. They can actually wear TANK TOPS NOW!
My physical store (west of Vinita OK on Hwy 60 toward Nowata) is open on Tue. (Due to slow economy I've had to take a part time job at Wal Mart as Cashier so can't be open everyday) or visit my website for more information. www.nicholssoapnstuff.net Email me at the link on my site for questions.
Have a Happy Healthy life until next time

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