viernes, 2 de enero de 2009

A Healthy Christmas!

Well I made it through another Christmas season! Business was alot less that last year which is understandable because of the economy. I have had to tighten my belt and make decisions about my physical store as well as my online stores I took a web design class so I could work on my own websites. I have decided to cut back on my ebay store listings and have a website of my own. notice it is .NET I also have a new site just for my handmade jewelry Please check them out.
Well now back to health and Christmas! My daughter had startd weight watchers with some friends. They are doing really well. It isn't convenient for me to go to meetings so I am on the same regimen but I just count my own points and watch my intake. I found that things I thought were NOT fattening were very fattening. Like jellied cranberries!! I guess it is all that sugar! Also ONE cinnamon roll that I liked for breakfast used up ALL my daily points! Wow was that a slap in the face. I can still have some but now just 1/8 of a big roll. I learned about filler foods that make you feel full. I especially like weight watchers cream cheese on celery, carrots on as a dip for fruits. I now make dip with light sour cream and mix ranch dressing in a packet and for mexican just add salsa to it. I can have a nice snack with it and some baked potato chips or as a veg. dip. I never liked BAKED Chips but when I eat it with this dip they are really good. I can have pizza, lasagna, and anything just in moderation. I have lost 15 lbs since Thanksgiving. I have a chart on the frig. door and when I eat something I write down how many points it is( according to weight watcher plan). I've learned that if I eat all my points early in the day I can't eat much later. The key is to eat healthy throughout the day rather than stockpile my points. Then if there is any left over you can have a treat that equals the points you have left. You just have to read the labels on the food you buy or of the ingredients that you make things from scratch. It works and I have alot more energy. I still have about 20 lbs to loose to be where I want to be. Pray for me please that I will continue to enjoy this regimen. It really isn't hard but we have to be disciplined to count the point. If you need support ask friends or family or join weight watchers. You can now join on line and monitor everything from there.
Until next time please have happy healthy life. and check out my websites for fun.
Give your troubles to God for He cares about you. 1 Peter 5:7 (from the Holy Bible)

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