domingo, 17 de junio de 2007

Facts About Pain and Inflammation and the Body's Repair

Inflammation is the source of the pain you feel in your body. I am going to tell you about how getting rid of this inflammation has helped me and I feel better than I have in 20 years! My Memory is getting better also. First of all I hurt for those 20 years. My joints, my back, Neck and even headaches. Most recently my toes and feet hurt and the Dr. told me I have neuropathy of the feet and hands(damaged nerves that start with tingling sensations in the hands and feet and spreads slowly along all four limbs to the trunk. The skin becomes very sensitive and painful) I couldn't even wear shoes and the bed covers even hurt them. Their is a medicine that was over $200.00 per month and it didn't even help! I have found something that really works for me. It was developed by Dr. Rob Keller M.D. You first have to know how inflammation affects the body. Oxidation and inflammation are making you age, no matter how hard you work to take care of yourself. Inflammation occurs when you twist your ankle and it swells up to twice its size or you when you get a headache or strain your back, inflammation is the source of the pain you feel. inflammation can be part of a heart attack. Inflammation at a cellular level is a normal process within the body. To understand this kind of inflammation think of the trillions of cells in your body as tiny"power plants, each working to its max. capacity to produce the energy you need to live a healthy life. This energy is generated in a complex chemical process, and the very central chemical reaction involved is oxidation-or the process of other chemicals bonding with oxygen. We all know we need oxygen. Oxygen is essntial to life on earth and the reason it is essential , ironically is what makes it ultimately dangerous and distructive. All kinds of materials, when exposed to oxygen, anthing will break down the bonds they have and form new bonds. This processs-oxidation- releases a great deal of energy, but it also produces waste products. Oxidation is what happens when you leave an iron pipe out in the rain and you see it rust. It's also what happens in your fireplace when you see a long consumed in flames. Ashes are left behind. Something very similar happens within your cells. Energy(like the heat and light in your fireplace) is produced by the cell's oxidative reactions, but so is a "pile of ashes"/the waste products left behind are called oxidants. Like the rust on a pipe can clog up the works in you cells, making the cells less efficient and less able to produce energy. Besides this oxidation going on in your cells you have the outside pollutants, food additives and other substances that can cause oxidative damage to the cells as well. They body has a natural process to combat the damage oxidation does. Inflammation is the natural process and reactions to undo the damage done by oxidation in the cell. this inflammation response is the very core of the aging process. Inflammation causes cells to function poorly and ultimately the cells die Body systems deteriorate and thus health problems and pain. The body produces the BEST antioxidant itself. It is the antioxidant GLUTATHIONE. It is a tri-peptide- thats a chain of three amino acids, and it is treamendously effective at cleaning up after the oxidative process. When fluthathione is available to the cell, there is virtually no oxidative damage and that whole inflammation casade silmply never occurs. As we age our body is less capable of producing glutathione. GLUTATHIONE AS A SUPPLEMENT REALLY doesn't work because the stomach is designed to to break up amino acids so it is lost before it gets to your cells. MAXGXL IS NOT A GLUTHATHIONE SUPPLEMENT! It is a supplement that provides the raw materials and stimulates your body needs to produce glutathione BY IT'S SELF! The ingredients in MaxGXL are encapsulated so that they will be protected from stomach acids until they are absorbed into the bloodstream and can reach the cells. It has been tested and glutathione levels before and after taking it are amazing. This isn't the lates fad or just one more take on antioxidants. The recommended dose is two doses per day. Which I find that after the 1st week I only have to take one dose per day. This lets me get two months for the price of one. But this all depends on your health and how you feel. You may have to take two doses. If you are at all interested contact me about this. This stuff is AMAZING. The pain from my arthritis doesn't bother me anymore I have more energy and feel so much better!
Happy Healthy living and may God Bless all who read this!

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