sábado, 31 de marzo de 2007

Fun in The Sun!

The biggest contribution to aging is the Sun! So be careful out there while you're having Fun! There are Several ways to protect yourself from those harmful rays. Idealy it would be to stay in out of the sun but THAT IS NO FUN AT ALL! Being reared a "Country Girl" we never even thought about worrying about aging and skin cancer! We just worked in the fields and hauled Hay in the hottest part of the day. I would wear my straw hat only when Mom was looking. Since then research has been done and we have been educated! I still have to work in the sun but I use sun screen and in the 100 plus degrees of Okla. I wear a hat when it is too bad. (There are alot cuter hats now days than in the 60's. It wasn't cool to wear a hat! The best sun screen I have ever used is Rocky Mountain Sun screen. Just search the web and you'll find it. It actually bonds with your skin to protect it longer. They have all the different grade of pertection that you need. Alot of roofers and highway workers use this. It is the sunscreen that skiers use also.
To keep your tan from fading and sunburn from peeling take a look at the following websites.


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