miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2008

Holly, Why at Christmas?

Wonder why Holly is significant at Christmas? "Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly" came from ancient beliefs that the leathery leaves were thought to have the mysterious power to avert the evils of witchcraft, perils of lightning, spells and malignant demons. Holly was condidered a magic plant in England. Holly COULD NOT be brought into the house before Christmas, and it had to be taken down on the Twelfth Night. It was believed that misfortune would befall for each leaf left past that time. Holly has many other midieval superstitions attached to the plant. An unmarried woman was urgently advised to tie a sprig of holly to the bedpost to avoid being turned into a witch and that she would see in a dream her future mate. She was to go outside, pick nine holly leaves, tie them with nine knots in a three-cornered handkerchief, then lay them on her pillow before going to sleep and do all of this without uttering a word before dawn.
Ancient Christians believed that holly first grew in the footsteps of the crucified Christ. The leaves represented the crown of thorns and the berries represented the spilling of Christ's blood.
Native Americans developed different uses for these prickly leaves. They brewed a healing tea for measles and from the ashes of the leaves they concocted another tea for whooping cough. To ease the pain of broken bones and dislocations they applied hot formenting leaves and bark.
So when you see Holly hung everywhere this Holiday Season you can now know the true beginnings and reasoning behind these beautiful leaves and berries.
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