jueves, 30 de octubre de 2008


Did you know that Bamboo is NOT a tree but a treelike grass! The plant blooms only after many years sometimes every 6 years! In Asia the ripe seeds are eaten as grain, the young bamboo shoots as vegetables and Tabasheer(bamboo sugar) is found in the joints of bamboo and has long been used in Asian medicine as a relief for coughs. The woody stems are used for furniture, fences, flutes and the fibers and pulp are made into paper. I remember a s a kid using Bamboo stems as fishing poles when I would go to the Little Blue River to fish. I don't think I ever caught a fish but I sure enjoyed the feel of the smooth bamboo stock in my hands and just watching the water.
According to Alice Thoms Vitale in Leaves in Myth, Magic and Medine book "Many People do not know that Thomas A Edison Experimented successfully with using bamboo as a filament for the incandescent light bulb. In fact, bulbs with bamboo fiaments were manufactured as late as 1910.
Also if you have ever slept on Bamboo Sheets you will know that they are very comfortable. When you first hear of bamboo sheets the thought is for them to be rough but not so. The are very soft and smooth and tightly woven. The fibers are used with cotton to make threads that when woven together make a very comfortable fabric.
I hope this has been an educational and interesting article for you.
Until next time have a Happy Healthy Life and may God Bless all who read this.

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