domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

Why Did God Give Us Trees and Leaves? Part I

I have just acquired a book of Leaves the Myths and Medicines and it is a wonderful book by Alice Thoms Vitale. All the information I give you that I have learned from this book I will give her all the credit and will note such. It is truely a very informative and fun book! Some will be things I have learned along the way from generations of learning of family and people I have talked to. There will be several parts to this blog series.
First of all I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED TREES from the day my mom taught me the poem Trees. I just knew that God gave us trees for a very special reason! I use to play under around and IN the trees growing up. I would love to just lay and look up into their leaves and branches and imagine all sorts of objects. I learned colors and depth and designs by doing this. I guess that is part of the reason why I became and artist and trees are one of my most favorite things to paint. Last Jan. when the ice storm hit Oklahoma and ruined the big 50-100 year old trees around me it just broke my heart! It was like a loved one being ruined. If you don't have a love for trees I suppose it is hard to understand. I had a perfectly shaped beautiful 50+ year old Oak tree right in front of my house. When I got up in the a.m. half of it was broken out. I cried about it and just couldn't cut it down so trimmed it up and it is gradually going to come out of it I think. My daughter had taken a picture of that tree before it was destroyed with the sunset coming through it and gave it to me for Christmas. Of course I cried again! It was my favorite present and have it so I can look at it everyday.
So you will see why I am so interested in trees bushes and leaves and the good that can come from them. I'm going to share some of the different kinds and why I think God gave us these magnificent species!
Blue Gum Eucalyptus:
The reason it is called Blue Gum is when the exfoliating outer bark peels away a pale blue gray trunk is left. In Australia it is sometimes called the fever tree(ref. leaves Alice Vitale)
It has long slender leaves that hang like curtains that have been and are still used to this day for inhalant vapors when the leaves are boiled.
My husband's grandfather had asthma years ago and he would roll up leaves into a cigarette form and smoke them to clear the catarrhal discharges of bronchitis and help him breath.
There are many products today with eucalyptus added for just his purpose.It is also known to help with circulation. I use Eucalyptus oil in the Pain Relief Rub that I make for sore joints, muscles and leg cramps. http// It helps with the circulation and will alleviate cramps fast as well as restless leg syndrome. Many of my customers will swear my this remedy.
The oil from the leaves is given to horses for influenza, dogs for distemper, and to all animals for parasitic skin infections. Used along with emu oil this is a great skin medication!

Until next time have a Happy Healthy Life and May God Bless all who read this!

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