viernes, 11 de abril de 2008

Baby Soft Stuff

Remember the days of cloth diapers? Yes they were messy, stinky and alot of work! But there is nothing like holding a baby in a cloth diaper! and they make great BURP Cloths! I didn't even know you could still buy cloth diapers! Well you can and I now have prefolded decorated cloth diaper burp clothes in my online store! They are so absorbent and soft on baby's skin! All natural cotton so they don't scratch baby. (Ribbon trim is satin) Take a look and see how great they look. They make great gifts!
Also remember summer is coming soon and those babies can be very sensitive to the sun! Use sunscreen and my lotions are good for healing sunburn.
Until next time Have a Happy Healthy Day and God Bless all who read this

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