viernes, 1 de febrero de 2008

Organizing Closets and Cupboards

I have been deep cleaning our house for 3 weeks now. I take it a room at a time, closet by closet cupboard by cupboard. Boy did I find things I forgot I had. Some I wonder WHY I kept it!! I am a great one to tell myself "you may need that someday." Being creative I do use alot of the things I keep however my rule is "If you haven't used it in 3 years Pitch it!" I'm sure that next week I'll come up with some great idea to use what ever I threw away.
I really hate to clean house but when I do it gives me that good feeling of how nice and orginized it looks and a feeling of great accomplishment.
The best way is to just dive in. Make sure you have plastic containers that you can see through or if not clear mark them so you know what is in them. You will be amazed at how this helps. After I "ORGANIZE" I am looking for things that I knew I just saw but have no idea where I put them(if I can't see in the boxes or have them marked). Get stackable boxes and stack them heaviest on bottom and most used on top. Get shoe holders that hang this gives you more floor space. Use walls and shelves to the max. use hooks when you can. There is always so much wasted space in closets in corners and near the ceiling. In cupboards for small items I use a plastic box without a lid so I can pull out the whole little box and find what I want. If you just set the little items in the cupboard they fall over and you can't find anything in a timely manner. Also use the no skid rubber liners for the drawers so items don't slide around. This keeps things alot neater. Hair brushes that get hair EVERYWHERE that you don't want hair can be kept in a little gift bag in the cupboard. This makes them easy to find and any loose hair that may fall out goes in the bag so from time to time the hair can be removed and thrown away.
Remember LABEL LABEL LABEL for easy quick finds.
Until next time have a NEAT ORGANIZED day and May God Bless all who read this.
Oh and don't forget to vote!! I work for the election board and your Vote DOES MATTER!!

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