lunes, 18 de febrero de 2008


Millions of people suffer from indigestion. There are different symtoms in different people. One may have heartburn another will call pain in the chest. What one person thinks of as a belch may be a hiccup to someone else. It may be sharp, dull or gnawing pain in your chest. Some may have heartburn, nausea, or the taste of acid fluid in your mouth. You may need to belch or pass gas frequently. Most bouts of indigestion have one thing in common: They are related to food or drink. Also it may be caused by swallowing air while eating, talking or chewing gum so SLOW DOWN and eat and talk slower! Discomfort of indigestion may be aggravated by wearing tight clothes. If you have indigestion everyday try cutting out various foods. If this doesn't help see your Dr. it may be Acid Reflux and this may eventually lead to cancer of the esophagus. Some people get one or more of the symptoms after eating foods such as cabbage, beans, onion, cucumbers, or after drinking wine or carbonated drinks. Eating too fast and rich or big meals can also cause symptoms. Anxiety, nerves, or depression can cause stomach disorders. There are many over the counter products that can cut acid and help indigestion but one should not take them for long periods. Symptoms are your body telling you that something is wrong. So try cutting out different foods and if that doesn't work head for the Dr. My son has had bad indigestion for several years. This Christmas we were talking and told him that when he was a baby he was allergic to milk products and he would have stomach cramps, gas etc. He told me he was trying to drink milk now to help with indigestion but it wasn't working. He cut out all milk and wah-la! He has no more indigestion! So take one food away at a time when checking for the reasons you have indigestion. If you seem somewhat better when you take one away make a note of it and keep a journal. Finally you may find the right foods to avoid. This will take some time. If nothing works doing this there may be a serious underlying problem and you will need professional help. Until next time Have a Healthy (Burpless, Acid Free,) Life! God Bless All Who Read this!

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