lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2007

Head Lice! Yuk!

School is starting and head lice are on the move! School is one of the favorite places for head lice to move from person to person. You may think that only "dirty people get head lice" so wrong!! They can invade a perfectly clean person. They are truely "Nasty" I sell alot of my Old Fashion Lye Soap to people to wash their hair with. Lye soap washes hair without drying it out and it leaves no film on the scalp as do other soaps. Lice don't like where lye soap has been used! It will also wash out lice if you already have them. You will have to comb out the "nits"(eggs) with a comb or more will hatch. Doesn't that sound nasty?? Well it is. Lye soap is also use to wash clothes pillows and bedding if you have been infected with head lice. Just grate some off the bar into the washing machine. No nasty scent left behind and it gets your clothes cleaner!
You may buy my Old Fashion Lye soap in my online store in the Soap Section.

Another thing I'm up to is helping out with our church Cookbook. It will be available around Nov. 1, 2007. There is going to be alot of tried and tested good recipes that have been handed down for generations as well as some new fast and easy recipes from the younger generation. We are only going to charge our cost which will be around $5.00 for 200 recipes. We just want to share our good southern country recipes and a little history of our church in this great hardback cookbook. It will be available in my online store for anyone so check back often and I'll let you know when it is ready for sale.
Have a great day and may God Bless all who read this.

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Lisa dijo...

i think a lye soap won't kill all those head lice, a good remedy is to buy special shampoo or better yet go for the natural home remedies :D