viernes, 18 de mayo de 2007

The Importance of Vitamins

Today I am writing about Vitamins A and the B vitamins. I will tell the importance of and sources and problems of lack of these vitamins.
First of all lets take A. The Major sources of A Vitamin are Liver, fish, oils, milk, butter, egg yoks, spinach,carrots, fortified milk. Vitamin A is Essential for good vision, particularly at night and for growth. The Problems that occur WITHOUT this vitamin are Coarse, dry skin, poor night vision, hair loss. Emu Oil is high in Vitamin A thus is good for all of these things. I have the capsules (contact me for a way to get these) that are processed in a goverment regulated facility to be taken internally. Just using my products on the skin will help with skin and scalp problems.
The B1 is Thiamine : Sources are Pork, liver, whole grain and enriched breads and cereal, nuts, legumes,eggs,milk. The importance of this vitamin is to Assist in the functioning of the brain, nerves and muscles. Deficiency of this may cause Cardiomyopathy, numbness of hands and feet and mental confusion.
Vitamin B2(ribolflavin) major sources Liver, milk, cheese, eggs legumes breads and cereals. Importance of B2 is to help break down food to provide energy., Lack of B2 causes cracked lips, sore tongue, skin disorders and impaired vision. Emu oil is high in this vitamin also. Niacin -major source is Fish, meat,Emu meat(see my previous blog entry) poultry, whole grain and enriched breads and cerials, eggs ,peanuts. Importance: helps prevent Sore, red, cracked skin and sore mouth, general digestive upsets, diarrhea, anxiety, or even dementia.
B6(pyridoxine) major sources: The same foods listed for the other B vitamins above. Deficiency of this vitamin causes Irritation of the skin and dry lips, depression, nausea.
B12(Cobalamine)Animal products only especially liver and Emu Meat but also other meats. This vitamin helps to produce red blood cells. Essential for healthy nerves. Without B12 one can have anemia.
Folacin(Folic acid) Sources Liver, fresh vegetables, wheat, eggs, legumes. It helps to produce red blood cells Essential for healthy nerves. Without this vitamin many have anemia.
Personally I love liver but if you just can't take the taste of liver there are many other foods that can provide these very essential vitamins that I have listed.
Until next time when I cover some of the other vitamins essential to good health have a happy healthy life and may God Bless All who Read this!

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